Our Services

Physical Security is our core business and we are uniquely positioned to offer customized security services to meet the specific needs of any organization. Among the services offered by Pristine Security are guarding services, patrols and inspections, access control, concierge and receptionist services, security console operators, alarm response, and specialized client requested services.

Uniformed Guarding

Every day approximately 2,000 uniformed Pristine Security Guard, Supervisors, Inspectors and Security Officers perform variety of duties to help maintaining secure environments for a good numbers of clients across the Country. Our key drivers for a quality security are:

Consistent and reliable service.
Strict Monitoring and Supervision.
Quick response by Management at all level.
Security officers who convey trust and confidence.
Security officers who possess a professional demeanor.
Individualized attention to client needs.

Special Event Security

Pristine Security is recognized for its security services at various types of special events. We are able to quickly and efficiently accommodate the staffing needs of your facility and customers. Employees are trained specifically to deal with issues in high-visibility settings such as Concert Venues, Trade Shows, Sporting Events or any event where there is a high degree of interaction with the public. Services can include Access Control for perimeter and auditorium, Crowd and Parking Control, Executive Protection and Explosives Sweeps with Canine Patrol.

Console Operations

Our console operators monitor CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection and Intrusion Detection Systems. We also monitor Visitor Arrivals and Departures, Coordinate with Officers on Patrol and Respond to Routine and Emergency Situations for our clients.

Reception/Concierge Services

Some of our reception services include monitoring Access of Employees, Contractors and Visitors to Facilities, issuing Badges, Maintaining Logs, Inspecting Bags and Packages and giving directions.

Physical Protection

We are one of the very few Private Security Service Provider Company in Bangladesh taking the responsibility of installing Barbed wire / Razor wire/ Electric Fence over the existing Boundary walls.

Customer Segments

Pristine Security Service provides security services for a variety of businesses and industries. Pristine can help you to identified security issues, offering a customized solution based on security expertise gained from serving different categories of clients nationwide.

Building Security

Pristine Security Service has experience providing security for Commercial & Residential Buildings.

Community Security

All public agencies, such as municipalities, city councils, national government authorities and international bodies need security.

Education Security

We provide security to educational institutions in the face a myriad of unique security threats.

Hospitality Security

Pristine Security is committed to the advancement of security and life safety in the Hospitality and Hotel Industry.

Entertainment Security

Pristine Security Service can provide a full range of services for TV companies, theme parks, sporting or corporate events and various other venues in the entertainment industry.

Manufacturing Facilities Security

The manufacturing industry sustain losses worth billions of dollars every year at the hands of both sophisticated External Threats and Trusted Insiders. Not only do such losses threaten Profitability and Increase costs to the consumer, they put at risk Trade Secrets, Perception of the Brand and a company’s Reputation in the marketplace.