About Us

Founded by few highly trained officers of World’s leading Multinational Security Company in Bangladesh under the supervision of a Retired senior Battle tank technocrats of Bangladesh Army in 2009. Pristine is well-known for its military like discipline and precision honed to perfection.

At Pristine our security experts put into place meticulous planning worked to the last detail. Our processes are seamless with systemic functioning and built-in preventive controls. Moreover, on specific demand by our Client we provide Retired soldiers in place of security guards, who are better trained to deal with demanding emergency situations.

As a salient feature, our offerings are custom-built, integrated security systems to cater every specific need of the end user. At Pristine we constantly endeavor to innovate, integrate and deliver. Along with security expertise, we bring unmatched integrity and synergy, yielding greater return on investment of our clients.

The list of customers who hire services from Pristine include Embassies, UN bodies, NGO’s, Government Organizations, Banks, Offices, Factories, Industries, Housing and Residences.

Our Values

Pristine’s fundamental values are Dedication, Honesty, Reliability and Alertness. Our company culture relies on the following Ethics:

Professional Excellence
Discretion & Integrity
Client Confidentiality
Trust & Satisfaction of the Client
Employee Satisfaction


To become one of the Top level Security Service and Allied Services provider at the National level with Quality in people, training and services. It is through this vision that it will build long - term business relationships with its current clients and those who select it in the future as security partner.


To foresee, design and deliver comprehensive security solutions to our valued clients throughout Bangladesh.